Money Pebbles: The Beginning

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Year in Review: 2016 Recap

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My goodness how time has flown this year! Seems like yesterday my Wife and I were in Orlando bringing in the New Year, and here we are looking forward to celebrating another New Year, this time in Atlanta! If there’s one thing I can say about 2016, it’s that this year has been the year of “Anything is Possible.” Just think about it: The Golden State Warriors broke the Chicago Bulls’ single season wins record…and then lost in the Finals…

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Money Pebble: Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Money Pebbles

Since getting married, my Wife and I have had our share of unexpected events – both positive and negative. On the positive end, we’ve gotten the opportunity to live in Asia and Europe, and we’ve even been blessed to…

Using Credit To Your Advantage

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My Wife and I love using credit to our advantage. Before I explain further how we use credit to our advantage, let me preface this post by saying the use of credit is not obligatory. Nowadays you can use a Debit…