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Happy belated New Year everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season and are starting this year out intentionally towards all of your personal, professional, and financial goals. The start of a new year is symbolic for renewed resolve and hope in achieving greater things, and with that in mind I took time to think about what I want to achieve in life both this year and beyond – I don’t want to just be in the Ring of Life, I want to be a Champ! With that in mind I’ve set some ambitious objectives for 2017, all with the goal of fulfilling an ultimate vision of greatness. I’d like to share with you, but first allow me to explain my personal approach to self-development.

  1. Create a long-term vision for yourself. This is simply a description of who you want to be in 3, 5, or 10 years. In other words, this is the ideal, future you that you are going to work towards becoming.
  2. Using your long-term vision, create objectives for the year that are in line with growing into your long term vision. You can think of these as “new year resolutions.”
  3. Once your objectives have been set, create “next-actions” for the next 1-3 months that will help move you towards fulfilling your objectives. These monthly actions will be created every month throughout the year.
  4. Be sure to write your Vision, Objectives, and Monthly Actions down for tracking purposes. Use whatever software works best for you. At work and for my blog, I use Excel. For my personal life, I’m simply using iPhone Notes. For your monthly actions, be sure to always jot a few sentences down about how much of the action you completed (or didn’t complete) after the month ends. This quick and easy journaling habit will keep you accountable and help you track your progress throughout the year.

Now that you know my personal approach, my current status, 5-year vision, 2017 objectives, and a few of my next-actions for January are as follows:

Current Status

Professionally, I really enjoy my job, have been with my company for almost 11 years with 2 promotions, and am currently on an international assignment in Eastern Europe. I’m very thankful for my position/company and would like to further my career within my company. This will mean raising my excellence up another notch, including working on my influence and network globally, and further breaking out of some of my comfort zones. Personally, I want to be a much better husband (my Wife is so good to me y’all!). We don’t have any children yet but I’d like to be a father. I think I suck at personal relationships and would like to get much, much better at being a friend, helper, and role model to others. I’m creative and would like to build something of my own. This includes building this site into something great. I will be 35 this year and would consider myself in decent health, although I have had 2 major surgeries already (thyroidectomy, appendectomy). I’m very inconsistent with exercising. I eat okay (easier to eat healthier where I live) but not optimally. Financially, we’re in a very good position now. However, in 5 years I’d like to be at least halfway towards being financially independent (i.e., able to live off of savings/investments). In short, I’m thankful for where I am, but am not satisfied, because I know I could be operating at a much higher level.

Personal & Professional Vision

Be respected at the highest levels and be capable of handling the highest level of responsibilities professionally. Become an influential role model with a strong positive presence felt by all around me. Operate at an excellent level as a husband, father (no children yet but hopefully in the next 5 years!), and leader. Be financially secure with more than enough in savings/investments (I have a specific number in mind) and with at least two sources of income. Be at my healthiest ever (including blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion, blood sugar, and cardiovascular health) and leading my family in healthy living. Be a resource for young men as they mature into adulthood and navigate life. Pursue greatness in order to make the one who created me look great 😉

Money Pebbles Vision

Grow Money Pebbles into an educational, inspirational, influential, and entertaining site that will help people with growing their money – A site where readers can come to consistently be fed with information and inspiration that will help them improve their finances, grow their money, and live prosperous lives.

2017 Objectives – Personal, Professional, and Creative

  • Be twice as good as a husband this year as I was last year (Mrs. Money Pebbles will be the judge of that!).
  • Consistently exercise this year, making it a priority part of my life (Have to work out twice a week at least 35 weeks this year).
  • Spend much less time on the internet and social media and more time on activities that will create momentum towards my objectives.
  • Double our savings and investments by the end of the year.
  • Increase presence, influence, perception, and impact at work.
  • Keep these subjects in front of my eyes this year (instead of internet/social media): Building presence & influence, building relationships, marriage, networking, handling responsibilities, being a good husband, healthy eating, integrity, exercising, and the like.
  • Consistently post each month up until official site launch in order to have a full suite of content with approximately 100 posts (Post 6 full length posts (at least 1000 words) each month up until June 2017; Post 8 “Money Pebbles” (at least 500 words) each month up until June 2017).
  • Increase knowledge in the following areas: Building Website Traffic, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Writing (Read and save at least 25 quality articles for each of these areas by June 2017;
    Purchase and complete at least one blogging course by June 2017).
  • Finalize Social Media Strategy by June 2017.
  • Launch Blog by end of July 2017 (I do not consider this site fully launched yet).
  • Connect with other bloggers in order to join the blogging community and be viewed as a valuable, credible, beneficial, and authoritative member of the community (Evidenced by connecting with at least 20 bloggers by end of 2017).
  • Build a credible online presence through extending voice onto other blogs (Evidenced by at least 125 valuable comments by end of 2017).
  • Develop a robust Social Media Presence on Pinterest and Twitter (Evidenced by 1000 followers on both Pinterest and Twitter by end of 2017).
  • Write a personal finance e-book this year.

January Actions

  • Find a book that will help me improve my interpersonal, communication, and relationship building skills. Read at least 3 chapters this month to start off.
  • Write 4-6 new blog posts this month (only one post written so far with only 8 more days to go).
  • Give my Wife 5 genuine compliments or expressions of appreciation this month.
  • Exercise 6 times this month.
  • Speak with 10 strangers this month in order to further build communication and social skills.

Achieving all of the above will take a lot of focus and discipline, but that’s exactly how champs become champs. I plan to post updates throughout the year to give insight into how I’m progressing so keep me accountable folks. In the meantime I hope the above inspires you to become more intentional about becoming great!

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