Money Pebbles: The Beginning

About Me

Welcome to Money Pebbles, dedicated to helping you grow your money over time. I started this site for a few reasons:

  1. I want to help others. I believe in sharing wealth, and this site is a way for me to share the wealth of knowledge and experiences that I have and am picking up as my Wife and I continue our financial journey.
  2. I love personal finance, financial, wealth, and investment topics. Not quite sure why. It could be the fact that I love to build and am naturally competitive, so winning at the money game is a constant challenge and never ending interest.
  3. I want to keep myself accountable for my own money habits. While I have a lot of knowledge about personal finance in particular, I have not always followed this knowledge, to my own detriment. My Wife and I are in a much better financial position now. This site is one way of making sure we stay on the right track.
  4. I enjoy tinkering with sites and am intrigued by the idea of maintaining a blog. This is actually my second foray into blogging. My first was a site focused on entrepreneurship, career, and personal finance topics. I discontinued that site as I focused more on my own career, but I’ve never lost my desire to write and be creative online.

So, now you know the “Why” behind the site. Allow me to discuss the type of content that appears here – the “What”:

  1. The basics of personal finance to help those that are just starting to get a handle on their money.
  2. Content that will help reshape how you think about money, so that your have the right foundation to build financial stability and long-term wealth in a healthy fashion.
  3. Personal stories about our financial mistakes, with the hope that you can learn from and be inspired by what we’ve been through.
  4. Career tips – One of the best ways to increase your income is to focus on maximizing your career. I have been blessed with a great career so far, and have learned many things through the school of hard knocks. Hopefully I can help you maximize your own career with some helpful tips.
  5. Travel stories & info – I love travel and cannot think of anything else that I enjoy spending money on more than travel. I hope to inspire you to save towards your own travel through my travels.

Finally, why the name Money Pebbles? Well, one of our very good friends told me long ago that they saw me as someone picking up pebbles as I journeyed through life. As I pick up pebbles of wisdom along life’s road, I want to share these pebbles with you. As my Wife and I also accumulate our own financial pebbles, I want to inspire you to do the same. I believe that life is a process, best lived incrementally instead of with an “all at once” focus. This is why we choose to continue growing our money one pebble at a time, knowing that one day the process will have been well worth it.

I hope you are greatly enriched through this website. Be blessed.


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